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Barefoot Testimonials

Dear Barefoot team,

I have promised you to tell you about my experience with Barefoot saddle. Here is my story.

I purchased your saddle without seeing it, touching or sitting on it. The only “experience” I had was seeing pictures of the Barefoot saddles on the internet and reading testimonials from other customers. This was to be the first time that I was making a “blind” purchase and I was little bit nervous about it.

BUT…..when I bought my new horse, earlier this year, I promised him that I would do everything I can to make him happy and pain free.

First task was to fit my old saddle on him. Not as easy as it might sound. I went through a process of padding, changing gullets yet the saddle still didn’t fit as I would like it to.

I looked at your ad. and decided that maybe I should consider purchasing one these saddles.

After a week of reading and searching the net for comments and opinions I contacted your office by email. I received an almost immediate answer from Lynn wherein she answered all my questions. The service was outstanding and the passion contagious.

Finally I placed an order and in three days I had my saddle.

First impression is really good. The saddle is very well made and is of good quality.

Now it was time to see what my horse is going to “say”. Two immediate changes happened.

One was that the horse went straight to the arena without any hesitation or resistance. This might sound strange but he didn’t want to go anywhere near that sandy place before.

Second change was that he stood still while being mounted.

Don’t get me wrong, I did try to teach him to stand still but he always tried to move. This time, he stood like somebody nailed him to the ground.

The saddle doesn’t slip or move if you do need to mount straight from the ground. You also don’t need to tighten the girth excessively as stated in some emails about treeless saddles.

What is truly amazing is the feeling of horse’s back underneath you. I got such a fright when my horse wanted to scratch his hind leg and I suddenly felt the movement of his back muscles underneath me!

My horse loves his new Barefoot saddle. He sniffs the saddle when I walk in as if to make sure it is the right saddle. When he has the saddle on, he starts opening the door of his box and is ready to go! He truly enjoys being ridden. There are so many changes in his behavior that I couldn’t believe it.

The new saddle is very, very comfortable and you feel so secure in it.

Thank you for your outstanding service and thank you for making my horse happy because he is definitely very happy horse!

Gone is the horse that apparently had no personality or life in him. :o)

Best regards
Jana  (Johannesburg)

Hi Lynn,

I am riding my lovely Jupiter with his new Cheyenne saddle. Thank you so much for all your help in choosing this saddle. I love it so very much, and so does Jupiter. He is still learning and is doing so without any stress, strain or problems, thanks to the saddle. The saddle is so comfortable for me and him. He loves going for rides and even enjoys being saddled up.

I am so happy with this wonderful gift. I will definitely be back soon for the bitless bridle.  Thank you again for your wonderful service.

Have a beautiful day.

Jodi Paul.


Dear Barefoot SA,

Socrates is a Namibian Warmblood with very wide shoulders. He is 5 years old and doing Elementary dressage. He has uneven muscling along the whole of his right side and muscle wastage behind both shoulders. I changed his saddle to a Barefoot and his muscling has become more even and the wasted areas are filling in very quickly, of course his movement improved too. I just love watching him float along now.

Cayenne Pepper a thoroughbred with narrow shoulders and high withers. He is used mainly for jumping, but does a little dressage. Pepper has always had problems with his saddle - he puts on weight and loses it within days. I suggested to my friend that she try my Barefoot saddle for her flat work. We could not believe the difference. He was willing to come much rounder and softer with the Barefoot and was an altogether more pleasant ride. Of course it does not matter now if he picks up weight or loses it - the saddle fits him all the time.

We all enjoy the comfort of the Barefoot seat, which allows ones thighs and seat to be closer to the horse. However, below the knee ones legs are further from the horse and that takes some getting use to.