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Product Care
Care and maintenance of your Barefoot products

Items made from leather:

Leather is a natural product. Scars, darkly pigmented spots, roughness, unevenness or variations in color, especially bleaching from sunlight, are all possible and considered normal, are due to environmental influences, and are not covered by warranty.

Care of your saddle:

The saddle models 'Cheyenne', 'Nevada', 'Arizona' and 'Atlanta' are made from Nubuk leather, the Barefoot 'London' is made from Softleather. Nubuk leather has the grain layer partly sanded off; this makes it softer and gives it its characteristic velvety feel, reminiscent of peach skin. Softleather has a smooth, soft surface; it is especially pliable and lets you sit like on clouds. Both kinds of leather feature a soft, pleasant feel and a gentle grip.

This suppleness allows the saddle to adjust perfectly to the horses’ back, while at the same time providing good stability, comfort and long-lasting quality.

For cleaning of Nubuk and Softleather you shouldn’t use grease or wax, because they can clog the pores of these leathers.
Please use the special Barefoot Leather Cleaner. Spray cleaner onto the saddle and gently rub it in, using a soft cloth. For very dirty leather, moisten cloth. Let sit and soak in, then remove remnants with a dry cloth.

Finish your leather care session with Barefoot Leather Care Cream. Apply a small amount of Leather care cream with the enclosed sponge. Let leather dry a little while before the next use.

We recommend testing leather care products in an inconspicuous spot.

Care of Accessories:
All leather accessories (girths, fenders, stirrup leathers, bridles) can also be cleaned and protected with the Barefoot Leather Cleaner and the Leather Care Cream.

All our leather goods are quality tested and treated with a leather protection product before being shipped out. Leather can change with use. That’s why we recommend checking if all leather is intact before every ride, also all seams and metal parts, especially at the billets and stirrup attachment. Do not use saddle if any damages are found!

Care of Barefoot saddle pads:
All our saddle pads are machine washable, on the ‘cold’ and ‘gentle’ setting. The foam inserts can be left in place for washing. If the Physio pad system is only slightly dirty, you can also remove dirt, dust and hairs with a moist sponge and a gentle cleanser. The Kodel fleece underside of the Grandeur Special pad can be combed out with a small brush, to separate and fluff up any matted parts, if needed.